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Use this site to get ideas where to go on your next adventure. I like the Quick Link design for the resources and information.         

When planning a trip or vacation, it is always a good idea to draft an itinerary or a list of places you want to visit. You do not necessarily have to follow what is on such, just use it as a guide.

Going places and playing it by ear, most of the time, is not always the best idea, even when going to Reno/Tahoe, Laughlin, or along the Colorado River. There are so many things to do besides gambling.

Keep in mind that many destinations may have more attractions than one thinks. I like to go on and enter the city and state where my travels will take me. Look in the general vicinity and see what the area may have to offer. It doesn’t take that long and it is a good source of information if you don’t want to spend most of the day, say in the casino. Another good site for ideas is


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