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What to expect in Las Vegas on new Years Eve

Tips for NYE in Las Vegas



Room Availability

Rooms at the popular resorts in Las Vegas for NYE are generally sold out by November. Therefore, start making plans in August or September. If you are a player’s card holder at one of the resorts, you should start receiving NYE offers by the end of July or by mid-August. There may be some restrictions, such as a minimum of a 3-night stay. The resort may not allow check-in’s on the 31st.



I have been to Las Vegas over NYE when it was so cold that the boiler pipes at New York – New York burst because it was so cold. If you wanted a hot shower on the morning of December 31st you had to go the 3rd floor gym. The only place that had its own boiler. That night, we all had to dress in layers. Other years, it was shorts. Therefore, it is important to check the weather conditions before you pack for the event.



You must pay to park in the parking structure at most resorts along Las Vegas Boulevard, unless you are a guest of the hotel. Some resorts will provide complimentary parking if you have a player’s card.  On December 31st most of the parking structures at the resorts along the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard will be closed from approximately 6:00pm on December 31st to 2:00am on January 1st because of road and off/on ramp closures. Refer to Road and Ramp Closures Section.


Road and Ramp Closures:

If you have never been to Las Vegas for NYE, it’s an experience. Las Vegas Boulevard is closed to vehicular traffic between Tropicana Avenue (MGM & NY-NY) and Sahara Avenue (Circus & SLS Las Vegas) starting at approximately 6:00pm on December 31st. Full closure is generally by 7:30pm. Las Vegas Police Department starts to allow Pedestrians to walk on Las Vegas Boulevard starting at 8:00pm. Because the Strip is closed to vehicular traffic, certain ramps will need to be closed.

15 Freeway - Tropicana off ramp EB

15 Freeway – Flamingo off ramp EB

15 Freeway – Spring Mountain off ramp Limited

15 Freeway – Sahara Avenue off ramp Limited

Frank Sinatra Drive runs parallel to the 15 freeway and is generally open

Traffic is a nightmare starting at approximately 4:00pm on December 31st.  Be parked and settled.



Beverages on the strip:

Glass containers are not allowed on the strip and the police department and resort security will be enforcing the law starting December 31st all day and night long. It should be noted that on New Year’s Eve, all the resorts will be serving beverages on plastic cups. No Glass container.


Casino Doors Locked:

It is not widely noted, but resorts along Las Vegas Boulevard locked their front doors from 11:45pn on December 31st to 12:15am on January 1st. That 30 minute closure is performed for security reasons. Please note, they are locked as to prohibiting access from outside. Although they are locked to prevent entry, exit is also prohibited, unless of a resort emergency. Several security officers are stationed at the front access points directing pedestrian traffic to side and rear access points. Side and rear doors remain unlocked with full ingress and egress access.


Going Back to Room after mid-night

Getting into an elevator to go back to your room may be a challenge around 12:15am. There are hundreds of people wanting to head back to their hotel room and limited elevators and space. So be prepared to wait in line. It would be best to wait until 1:00am to start heading back to your hotel room.



Most resort coupons have blackout dates. Two of the most popular blackout dates are December 31st and January 1st. You must check your coupon or voucher for any and all restrictions, which includes blackout dates. 

For example, MGM is partnered with My Vegas. Players of My Vegas earn loyalty points good for food, services, and or entertainment, such as a complimentary buffet, room, show, or free play. However, when redeeming your reward, you must read the Terms and Conditions. Most, if not all, have restrictions on the number of times you can use the reward and most importantly, blackout dates. Don’t get mad at the player card employees when they tell you that there are blackout dates. They are just following the rules.


Helpful Hint:

Since most of the resorts require a minimum of a three day stay, if you arrive on December 30th redeem your free play that day. Use the two-for-one lunch or dinner buffet that day. 



Street Activity:

Las Vegas Police Officers are everywhere. Uniformed and undercover. Not too much get by them. The mass presence is impressive. There may even be military presences now and then. If you have ever been in Las Vegas during NYE, you know it’s really impressive. With that said, there still may be a criminal element that will attempt to dampen the mood. Just be vigilant. 


If you walk that 3½ mile (one-way) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, you will come across many interesting people. Street vendors, most may be selling the same thing. Religious speakers saying that you all are sinner because you are in Las Vegas (Sin City). Yet they are there too. Lots of drunks starting at approximately 10:30pm, which include, but not limited to, drunk women trying to walk in high heels, people waiting to cross the street because the light is red, people trying to step on the curb and completely missing it and falling down, and much more.



There are many resorts along Las Vegas Boulevard that participate in the firework show at midnight. So, no matter where you are at midnight, as long as you are outside, just look up.




The Fremont Street Experience will be closed to the public at 4:00PM on New Year’s Eve. However, it will reopen at approximately 6:00PM. You may have to pass through some security to enter. This is for public safety. There will be street closures starting at 4:00PM. Visit Las Vegas Police Department’s Website for additional information.


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